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About Us

Bitcoin SuperSplit is here to help everyone achieve significant wealth.

My brother and I have always been close and were both very smart, growing up. Sibling rivalry was never an issue with us, so when my brother called me up and said he had to stay with me for a while, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.

When he showed up, I took him out to a nice dinner, and he told me everything. He’d come up with this algorithm to help him trade Bitcoin online with a 0.01-second advantage over everyone else. I didn’t believe him at first, but he showed me the formula. I’m not that good with math, but it looked impressive.

He wanted help getting it all setup, so I invested in him and this idea. Little did we know that a few years later, we would be one of the most popular auto-trading bots on the market!

Bitcoin SuperSplit Leads the Way for Online Trading

Bitcoin SuperSplit is equally advantageous to seasoned and newbie traders. If you want to earn wealth with Bitcoin, you can use our system. In fact, we offer various levels of involvement. Newbies can use automated mode without worry, and experts can try their hand at making trades themselves. Regardless, everyone sees the same accuracy levels, and success is possible.

Choose to trade for yourself or let our software do the work. Become a Bitcoin SuperSplit member now to become more affluent.

The next request that the users wanted, was additional functionality for the automated trading. The Auto-Trader module lets users configure the system to trade on complete auto-pilot based on their preferences. The aim was to ensure a true “set and forget” scenario where a user can configure their preferences with a few clicks and let the Auto Trader take care of everything. For example,auser can configure the system to sell once a certain level of profit has been achieved. Jeff and Mike took all the feedback they received and turned Crypto SuperStar into one of the most comprehensive crypto auto-trading platforms ever.

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This is our opportunity to personally invite you to Bitcoin SuperSplit. Join our community and experience wealth as never before. Don’t miss out! The revolution is still going strong and is likely to be like this for many years to come. Be part of it and start earning money!